Thursday, September 15, 2011

GEAB 57: Q4 2011: Implosive Fusion of Global Financial Assets

Here are the highlights of GEAB 57 (September 2011) entitled "Global systemic crisis - Fourth quarter 2011: Implosive fusion of global financial assets":

  • Fourth quarter 2011: Implosive fusion of global financial assets
As anticipated by LEAP/E2020 since November 2010, and often repeated up to June 2011, the second half of 2011 has started with a sudden and major relapse of the crisis. Nearly USD 10 trillion of the USD 15 trillion in ghost assets announced in GEAB N ° 56 have already gone up in smoke. The rest (and probably much more) will vanish in the fourth quarter of 2011, which will be marked by what our team calls "the implosive fusion of global financial assets"... Read public announcement

  • Advice to the G20 leaders: The G20’s three strategic priorities in 2012/2014 to avoid a « tragic decade »
On March 29, 2009, Franck Biancheri signed an open letter in the Financial Times international edition from LEAP/E2020 to the G20 leaders who were going to meet in London the next week. In its introduction, this text predicted that if the three recommendations it contained were not implemented as soon as possible, rather than a crisis of three to five years, the world would sink into a crisis for more than a decade.Here we are two and a half years later and, alas, it is now clear that not only has the crisis revealed in 2008 not been resolved…

  • End 2012 – Neo-protectionism establishes itself as the new paradigm of world trade
Because of the simultaneity of the global economy relapsing into recession and key political events affecting the world’s major economies, we anticipate a sharp rise in protectionism from the end of 2012. In its initial phase, it will mainly take the form of various non-tariff barriers, more discreet than traditional customs duties, but it will, de facto, cause the most important change in the terms of world trade since the signing of the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the WTO’s predecessor) in 1947…

  • Gold 2011- 2014: LEAP/E2020’s anticipations
Of course, as after each significant increase in an asset’s price, the debates rage between, on the one hand, those who analyze this increase as the emergence of a bubble inevitably destined to burst in the more or less near future and, on the other hand, those who believe that it is only the beginning of a long rise culminating with the return of the gold standard at the heart of the international monetary system. Therefore, in this issue, LEAP/E2020 presents its anticipations on this subject for the period 2012-2014 to help investors make their gold arbitrage trades…

  • Strategic and operational recommendations
    • Currencies: Watch out! Severe turbulence on the horizon
    • Swiss Franc: Eurolanders and Swiss…watch out, end of an epoque in sight!
    • Financial markets: Salvation is in flight
    • Real estate: The trend asserts itself
  • The GlobalEurometre - Results & Analyses
A very large majority (84%) consider that private creditors will be increasingly called upon to finance European public debts. This view will have a major impact in the numerous elections taking place in the next twelve months…

The full GEAB 57 (PDF format) is available to subscribers for 200 Euros per year (10 + 6 issues).

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