Thursday, February 17, 2011

Investments Newsletters and Blogs

There are lots of investment and economic newsletters around, here are the main one I follows either directly (free) or indirectly (paid one) by reading to articles or listening to interviews by the publishers.

Free newsletters and Blogs

  • GMO - Jeremy Grantham: Quarterly newsletter. where you get a market commentary and expected returns based on the return to the mean. Grantham is the specialist on Bubbles. You'll also get a 7-year market return forecast (for US, emerging and lumber) every month.
  • Mish Global Economic Trends Forecast - - with a least three post a day and very informative. Beside economic commentary, you'll also get some more political stances mainly about the handling of US Debt and American unions by politicians.
  • Sprott Newsletter - - Free Monthly Newsletters (Market at Glance) about precious metals and current market conditions.
Paid Newsletters and Commentaries

  • Marc Faber - Monthly Market Commentary - it costs 300 USD yer year tp get 12 monthly commentary per year. Some older samples are free. for example
  • LEAP 2020 - This is an anticipation newsletter somewhat pro-Europe, but still very interesting - - that cost 200 Euros per year and provide an overview of likely trends in the next few months and years. A shorter public (free) version is available every month.
  • Trends Journal - Quarterly publications based future trends based on Current Event by Gerald Celente and its team at Trends Research - available for 99 USD per year (Online) and 185 USD per year (Online and Magazine). Discounts are available for the unemployed and financial distressed persons.

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