Friday, February 4, 2011

Jim Rogers on CNBC - 3 Feb 2011

Jim Rogers in Zurich comments on the stock market. During a somewhat heated debate, he explains he still does not own many equities and mainly trades with currencies and commodities:

"I do not know very many equities, have not bought any equities for a while because I do not know what's gonna happen with the world economy but I expect more currency turmoil more social unrest more governments collapsing , so I am investing in currencies and commodities rather than stocks."

"I have been explaining to you and everybody else at CNBC for a year and half or two now that food prices are going to go through the roof they are gonna explode, it's happening, I still would buy agricultural products. We have serious shortages of everything developing, including shortages of farmers. This is a serious thing which is going to last for a long time. It is going to cost more upheaval in the world and there will be investment opportunities."

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