Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jim Rogers Bought Japanese Stocks - 30 March 2011

Interview of Jim rogers on CNBC on 30th of March 2011, where he explains he bought Japanese stocks (mainly the index actually) this week and last week.

My Take: After Marc Faber and Mish Shedlock, Jim Rogers is also bullish on Japanese equities, probably a good way to convert his Yen holdings. After a 20-year bear market, relatively good valuations (PE: 15, PBV: 1), the next bull market in Japan may start soon although there are bad economic fundamentals such as a declining population and huge government debt. If you want to invest in Japan, you can do so via EWJ‎ (iShares MSCI Japan Index) in the US, 2814.HK in Hong Kong or FEDERAL INDICIEL JAPON P (FR0000987968) in France.

In the second part of the interview, he was asked about nuclear power which he believes will recover over time (several year) since we need nuclear power to replace oil and natural gas. He's also very bullish on oil due to declining reserves.
Concerning investing in Uranium, he is not rushing, but he's watching and may step in later on.

In the last and third part of the interview, they focus on Argentina with Slim Feriani who is very bullish on it, but Jim Rogers does not buy it at all even though Argentina has a lot of agriculture commodities.

Finally, he's also said he bought a bit of silver and gold last week, which surprised me since he generally does not buy at all time (or decades) high.

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