Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Invest in Water with ETF

Many emerging countries such as China and India have a large population and are growing rapidly. This put strains on water resources that are needed for agriculture and industry. Jim Rogers who is a well know long term bull on China, said the only thing he can think of that may change China success in the 21st century is if China does not manage its water issues properly.

It's not practical to store potable water as an investment and if you were able to do so, your government would probably seize it if there was a real water crisis. An easier way to invest in Water is to buy companies that provides pipes, valves and solutions to water treatment. You can invest via 2 ETF:

Investing in water companies is probably a long term bet (5 to 10 years or more) and you should probably not expect rapid gains, especially in the current environment.

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