Monday, November 7, 2011

Peter Schiff EP Latin America Fund

Euro Pacific has launched a new Latin American Fund under the ticker EPLAX.

The Fund is managed by Russell Hoss, CFA, portfolio manager, who also oversees two of Euro Pacific Asset Management's other fund offerings, the EP China Fund (EPHCX) and EP Asia Small Companies Fund (EPASX). The strategy is targeted towards US-based investors who are concerned that global inflation, growing fiscal deficits, and below-trend growth rates are challenging the investment outlook for mature economies.

The EP Latin America Fund uses a top-down approach to identify countries within the region that have extensive natural resources, maintain balanced budgets, and carry low levels of debt. Once countries with these characteristics are identified, the fund uses bottom-up fundamental analysis to identify under-levered companies with leading market share, attractive free cash flows, and a stable dividend history.

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