Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marc Faber February 2012 Market Commentary

Marc Faber has just released his February 2012 market commentary on the gloomboomdoom.com website.

This month report is entitled "In all Investments it is a healthy Thing Now and Then to Hang a Question Mark on the Ideas we Have long Taken for Granted", implying that we should always reconsider the things we think of as obvious truth.

There is 1 attachment with this monthly market commentary (MMC) :
  • "2012: A Year of Reflation and Bursting of the "Bond Bubble"" by Michael A. Gayed,Chief Investment Strategist at Pension Partners, LLC
Michael A. Gayed regularly posts articles on Seeking Alpha, I would not find recent articles related to the Bond Bubble, but he has some articles about the Reflation and the relation between treasuries and the US dollar in his "Winter Resolution of 2012" articles.

If I can find a summary, I'll post highlights of the Gloom Boom Doom market commentary a bit later.

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