Sunday, March 18, 2012

Marc Faber: Beware of The Unintended Consequences Of Money Printing

Interview with Marc Faber and Chris Martenson (March 16,2012) about the unintended consequences of money printing by central banks.

First they discuss about the Greek default which does not matter according to Marc Faber, then they focus on central banks, the fact that they will never reduce their balance sheets as they have embarked on the path of money printing, and how the lower purchasing power of money particularly affects low and middle income people.

When Chris Martenson mentions the high price of oil, Marc Faber explains that consumers of Oil (mainly western economies) are suffering, but producers (Russia,. Saudi Arabia...) are benefiting.

Finally, they talk about Gold and Silver. Everybody should own precious metals as an insurance policy against a financial meltdown. Gold is not particularly expensive according to Marc Faber, although he still think we are in a correction phase. Having said that he won't sell his Gold as long as Obama (or a republican) is in power because they won't address the problems.
Marc Faber eventually sees the full financial system become an MF Global (he said some people got all their money whereas some didn't) and for that reason you should keep your Gold in a safe deposit, not in the US, but rather at some airports such as Singapore.

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