Monday, February 18, 2013

Gold - Long Term Chart Says Buy Now!

Since 2001, Gold has been behaving very nicely and stayed in a narrow range in its logarithmic chart. So If Gold has gone down for an extended period of time and suddenly drop at level not seen for a while, or alternatively if it has gone up for a long time, and makes new highs, I like to have a look at the logarithmic chart since the bull market started in 2001, and see is we've hit the higher or lower bound of the trend
(Source: Boursorama)
Guess what, we've just hit the lower bound last Friday. Assuming long term fundamentals remain the same (debt issue, money printing...), Gold is likely to go up over time, and this could prove to be the right time to buy. The 14-day RSI is at 30 (and hit this level 3 times) which means Gold is oversold short term. So it looks like a long and short term buy at this level.

The only thing that bothers me is that is has mostly corrected through time, and not really through price (it only lost 15%) which means it keep it amazing record of 12 positive years. Which is probably why Georges Soros recently lightened his position, and Jim Rogers said he would not buy at those levels. however, Marc Faber still continues to advice buying every month.

The Gold chart may also indicate it's a good time to buy Silver which has gone down by over 40% since the $50 it hit in 2011, but it's still not technically oversold (yet).

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