Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time to Buy Gold and Silver Again ?

Following up on my previous post "Is it Time to Get Back into Gold and Silver ?" at the end of September, it looks like we may again be at interesting levels for both Gold and Silver.

Let's see the Gold chart between June 2006 and December 2011. (Source: Boursorama)

The gold chart recently broke the trend it started in 2008. Having said that it is currently oversold according to with an RSI-14 of 27.50. This could then be a buying opportunity, but since gold broke the trend there may be more downside. How much downside? Let's see the 11-year chart to provide a forecast.

In that time frame, gold is still in an uptrend, and the level line of the channel shows support (around 1350), so Gold could potentially down to around 1400 USD. Currently is around 1570, so it would be approximately another 10% drop. So the downside is limited (provided the long term fundamentals and trends stay intact), it appear it could be a good time to buy more gold even though more downside it likely. It would however become a screaming buy around 1400 dollars. On another note, Gold price evolution may be linked to the S&P 500, as if the index falls below a certain level, say 1000, we are likely to see further quantitative easing (or similar).

Let's now study Silver. Here's the silver chart (via SLV ETF) between June 2006 and December 2011.

Silver has also just broken the trend it started in 2008, it is however not yet in oversold territory with a RSI-14 of 33.8. If SLV cannot rebound quickly, it could easily go back to the low 20s with a very strong support at 20. This kind of level would also mean Gold between 1200 and 1300 which I don't think we'll get to.

To conclude, if we don't go through a major market panic in the next few weeks, it might be a good time to buy some Gold and Silver, especially if you are fine with a potential further 10% correction in Gold and over 20% in Silver in the short to medium term and are confident in the long term fundamentals of precious metals.

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