Thursday, November 15, 2012

GEAB 69: Katrina-Sandy : From one Storm to the Other, the End of America as we Knew it

Here are the highlights of GEAB 69 (Novenber 2012) entitled "Katrina-Sandy : From one Storm to the Other, the End of America as we Knew it":
  • Katrina-Sandy : From one Storm to the Other, the End of America as we Knew it - The LEAP team has a controversial view that says Sandy, a small storm that has put New York to its knees, has shown that America has greatly weakened, and that it's the country we once knew anymore. In this section they also address the political division of the US and its dire financial & economic situation.
  • 2013, the king is naked: The great geopolitical dislocation of America. - The US economy is slowly but surely weakening, and 2013 will be the year of the real crisis where the "dollar wall" will collapse.
  • China 2013 : The global riot laboratory - A view of riots in China, and their consequences.
  • A Canadian Tragedy – The Slump of its Real Estate Market - Contrary to the view of Canadian banks who see a market stabilization, LEAP believe the recent slumps in Toronto and Vancouver announced the popping of the Canadian real estate bubble.
  • Strategic and operational recommendations. Currencies may remain irrational for a little longer, it's not to late to escape from the stock market, get physical Gold and do not play short term trades, energy commodities are better for the long term, but may suffer in the short term, and it's really not a good time to invest in Canadian real estate..
  • The GlobalEurometre - Results & Analyses. Only 65% of respondents expect the dollar to go down, which is the lowest figure since the survey started.
The full GEAB 69 report (PDF format) is available to LEAP 2020 subscribers for 200 Euros per year for 10 new issues + the 6 issues published before registration.

1 comment:

  1. Mr Biancheri is getting carried away again. Why does he need to write with such a style ? I wonder.
    Using Sandy and Katrina is a ridiculous idea...
    What about his 100% sure opinion that war between Iran and Israel would have happened by now, not mentioned.
    This is all beginning to look like a fantasy.

    His advice... Buy gold now, sell it when the crisis is over... Come on. I can do the same quality forecast and charge half the price for my letter.

    What about Obama's election.... A while back he was really happy, a sure sign that things will change and now ? Re-elected, he reckons it is just more of the same so no hope there.

    Mr Hollande's election... According to him, a sign that the new world order was making its way. Today ? Not a word.

    His doom and gloom idea about the USA... Now ? Well it is just that the Old USA is dead but not the new one (to come).

    The end of the US a a world supremacy... According to him, the USA are dead. But he then says that neither Russia or China are ready to take over that role.... So what it means is that if nobody can replace the leader... The leader remains the leader.

    I m reading the GEAB every month but frankly this is becoming tedious and borderline. Soon not to be taken seriously.... And I am a paying reader. One of the apparently , so many thousands choosing to read trust LEAP/GEAB.